Our engineer team is dedicated to design and build one of the most reliable GFCI & ELCI collection.
Built using durable material, our products are able to withstand harsh environment conditions.
All of our products go through strict testing procedure that meets or exceeds national electrical code agency requirements.

30 Amp ELCI

Industrial Grade Ground Fault Protection Device (GFPD) is ideal for both new and existing circuit installations. This GFPD has a unique design that offers the flexibility of splicing-in the protection of a GFPD anywhere within the length of a circuit run. This convenience allows the installer to place this GFPD at an accessible location for the end user. Unlike breaker style GFPDs which have limitations of circuit length from the service panel: the Permanent Series GFPD is installed at the point of use and thus has no restrictions to circuit length by definition. The Permanent Series GFPD can be integrated directly into a circuit or paired in tandem with an approved receptacle and enclosure.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
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Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter
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